The Education Argane Marketing initiative:


There is no easily independent information on Argan oil available on the internet.

No trade organization, no unified marketing approach, no center of excellence.

‘Argan(e)’ Information is provided by manufacturers, brands and on media platforms. The sector has a plethora of experts, stakeholders, academics and organizations – Andzoa, Pampat etc – each with a different focus than from a commanding global marketing and educational perspective. Argan inspired scholarly seminars and initiatives exists as well as professional outreach programs to the supply chain, but not to the global market.

Unlike for Fish oil  ( , a trade association) and Olive oil

(,  gateway to the olive world)  there is no such an authority for Argan oil with a dominating internet presence.

SULA NYC is of the opinion an independent authority site, on all things argan oil, based in Morocco would benefit all involved as it commands a professional presence on the internet, impacts search bots and algorithms and establishes links.

Therefore it is our kick-off initiative to create a website to position Argan oil as a top contender in the natural and organic food, cosmetic and wellness products in the world. Unifying all stakeholders – regulators, producers, consumers, academics – on a digital platform to support/ promote Argan, with a focus on research and marketing. Finally: engage with scholar publication platforms and academic databases to promote Argan oil related studies


Initiate to bring the Argan community together to increase the consumption of Argan oil.

Start with education (the sector has successfully passed the awareness phase) through a Global Digital Information Center.

We have created the website and invite all Argan enthusiast to contribute, improve and maintain this site as platform, center of excellence and, soon, as authoritative website on all things argan, with the focus to grow to a worthy competitor to olive oil and fish oil’s information centers. The goal of the website is to inform, educate, to generate enthusiasm in the world for Argan oil, to consume and enjoy – not to conduct business.

The website is in the very first phase; gathering stakeholders information such as contacts, links, publications etc. It is solely my initiative, and I hope to establish a board to maintain the site, and ensure its independence and relevance. You all are invited to share thoughts and contributions.  

We request your help, and seek candidates.

We are recruiting candidates preferably Ph.D students, to help to compile information, write-ups on study results, identify topics, stakeholders etc. Please contact wim reinders at  if you are interested in this  option.

For the moment, we respectfully ask you to help us to list your organization, or other ‘argan’ organizations/institutions you deem relevant by providing data, preferably as a link.
More information, thoughts, concerns, support: